The material of Your Choice

We execute complete grey structure on fixed covered area rate. Later on, upon client’s intention, we also provide complete finishing services; our competitive edge is powered by unique knowledge and expertise in turnkey projects.

We bring efficient project management that will make you able to succeed in the market through the unique application of turnkey expertise in engineering and construction management.

Our project idea is based on fair and economical cost along with targeted timelines at each stage of the project

No Hidden Charges

No Extra and Hidden Charges for the Outside Work or Boundry wall?

Only Slab Measurements Will be Taken

No Extra Charges for the Windows Shades and Under Ground and Over Head Water Tank?

A+ Quality Material will be used for the Grey Structure items?

Grey Structure Checklist Items

  1. Marking on the plot for the foundation
  2. Digging for the foundation as per drawings foundation specification
  3. ? Termite proofing in the foundation?
  4. P.C.C ( Plain Concrete Cement ) with gravel as per drawings term
  5. ? ?Foundation Brick Work Till DPC
  6. Seepage Treatment on the foundation?
  7. Super Structure Completion with brickwork till Lentil?
  8. ?Door Frames included ( GI ) Steel?
  9. R.C.C Slab Lentil included withdrawing steel structure
  10. same as above on the First Floor Super Structure brickwork
  11. Elevation making as per 3D front View
  12. all-electric piping work underground
  13. all plumbing sewerage work as required
  14. plasterwork inside and outside og the building and house including boundary walll?
  15. boundary wall included no extra charges for the external work?
  16. Metal Safety grills included?
  17. All Tanks included water sewerage
  18. Metal gate installation?
Grey Structure 1 Kanal House
Brick work Grey Structure Construction
Plaster Grey Structure Construction 1 kanal
construction company lahore
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