10 Marla Double Story House Construction Cost


Last Updated 2-12-2020

Here it is we will tell you what would be cost of 10 marla house construction t Materials prices are getting high day by day people need to know the exact construction cost of 10 marla house construction cost as the day passed with time 10 marla house construction cost is getting the high old estimate is out of dated

First of all, we would like to tell you what would be the covered area of 10 marla house double story construction approximately 3400/sqft it is depends on your requirements and in which society you are going to build your house some societies bylaws are very tough you cannot cover the porch and third-floor plan only two stories can be build boundary wall does not include in this estimate


The most effective cost is construction labour



Your labour (Tekhdar) should be very sincere with you while making your dream house? otherwise you can get involved into trouble with money or safety of the house mostly men they do not know anything about construction they just do as you said they don’t have a concern with your house safety and money all they need is money when they are full of pockets they left you and not going to pick your phone calls

Labor cost depends on the construction project on what type of construction you are going to construct.

There are many types of construction simple masonry work concrete work-frame structure with columns and other more.

Nowadays the labor rate of construction is starting from 250-350/sqft as we told you it depends on the construction of your house

If your house plan is a simple labor rate should be 270/sqft maximum without electric and plumbing installation. 10 marla house construction grey structure should have completed within three to four months maximum of 10 marla house construction

The simple construction cost is approx. 972,000=/

The column structure construction cost is approx. 1,170,000=/


How much Bricks Do needs to build 10 marla House construction cost?

Approximately 85,000 bricks need to build a 10 marla house from the foundation till completion of the grey structure. ( if plot depth is 3 feet below from road level) although bricks sizes are different but it does not make much difference of the quantity all you have to check is just the quality of brick it should be 1st class brick there are three types of bricks 1st ( awal) 2nd is (doum) 3rd is ( khingar ) khingar is best for the foundation and khingar must in install in foundation till D.P.C.

1 class brick rate is 11 x 85,000 =935,000/=

2 class brick rate is 10 x 85000 = 850,000/=

Khingar rate is 10 per brick if you are going to laying khingar on your foundation ask it from your thekdar or foremen how much do need it approx. 20,000 brick required in the foundation.

How much Cement bags (50/kg) do you need for the 10 marla construction?


Approximately 1500 cement bags required for the 10 marla house construction there are many brands cement available in the market but we strongly recommend to you use these brand (MAPLE, D.G, BESTWAY, LUCKY) it doesn’t make any much difference in the cost

Cement rate is 580 x 1500 =870,500/= with freight at construction site

*There is not much price difference by other brands

*If cement ratio is 1:4 for the brickwork and plasters

How much gravel do need for the 10 marlas cost?


Approximately 2100/sqft required for the 10 marla house construction normally there are 2 types of gravel used in Punjab ?( Margla, Sargodha, Sargodha Plant? )

Margla rate is 74/sqft and Sargodha rate 55/sqft and rohi rate is 62/sqft

Margla 80 x 2100/= 168,000/= Sargodha 55 x 2100/= 115,500/= Rohi 70 x 2100/= 147,000/=

Sargodha Plant rate is 68/sqft mostly recommend the best product for the RCC slab

Now the question comes in your mind What is the difference between Sargodha and margla gravel

Strength difference after using Sargodha gravel if you go for test concrete 2700 PSI will show in the test report but if you use margla gravel concrete PSI will come 2800 not a big difference and a single 1st?class brick PSI/1800

How much sand do you need for the 10 Marla House construction cost?


Approximately sand you will need 9 trucks for the completion?10 marla house construction of the house till grey structure from foundation till P.C.C of the house each truck should have 700/sqft sand.

Each truck price is 12,000/= Total Amount of sand 108,000/=

How much rebar (steel) for the 10 Marla house construction cost?

It depends on the house structure what type of slab if the house slab is R.C.C then you will need 5500/kg steel approx. for the slabs and windows beams and all other misc. work if the house slab is R.B then you will need 2500/kg Approx.

There are 3 types of steel available in the market

1 Grade 60 (Model, Ittefaq, Amrelli, Mughal and more)

2 Grade 40 (Model, Ittefaq, Amrelli, Mughal and more)

3 Local Commercial Steel

Grade 60 rate is 107/kg Grade 40 rate is 101/kg local Steel rate is 95

We will recommend if you use Grade 60 Steel

Grade 60????????????? 118 x 5500? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?671,000/=

?Grade 40 ??????????? 110 x 5500? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 649,000/=

Local Commercial Steel? ?109 x 5500? ? ? ? ?599,500/=

We do not recommend R.B slab for the 10 marla house construction

Electric pipes and Plumbing pipes for the 10 marla house construction cost?


There are many types of companies that making electric and plumbing pipes but we recommend some of them to you for the electric pipes we will recommend only popular good quality with reasonable price

1 Popular ??????????? 2 Turk Plast????????????? 3 Master

And for the plumbing work, we also recommend popular same reason good quality with the reasonable price in popular there are three type qualities 1 16 gauge than 20 & 25 gauges also pipes sizes plumbing pipes work a bit complicated? for the understand until or unless you know? about it

Electric pipes budget only pipes and walls boxes? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?75,000/=

Electric labor Till Gray Structure???????????????????????????????????????????????35,000/=

Plumbing pipes water & GAS???????????????????????????????????????????????????155,000/=

Labor for plumbing pipes installation?????????????????????????????????????? ??? ?80,000/=




Brick Blast (RORI) for the P.C.C 10 marla house construction cost


P.C.C Stand for Plain Concrete Cement for the flooring for the PCC you will need Rori for flooring lay it on the flooring and do compact in a good way with compactor then water pouring you will need approximately1600/sqft Rori for the 10 marla house flooring each trolley comes with 500/sqft so you will need 3 or 4 trolley max for the flooring

Trolley cost 20,000 x 3 = 60,000/=

Termite Proofing for the 10 marla house construction cost



Auriga, marflix are the best termite proofing companies in Punjab for the foundation and before flooring PCC must require so that your woodwork can be same from termite approx. you will need 20 bottles for termite proofing each bottle 500ml price is 2,200/= and nowadays in the market termite pipes are also available for termite they install just like you GAS pipelines in every room if you go for it that would be very great idea roughly cost for the termite pipes 35,000/=

2200 x 20 = 44,000/=

ItemsPr/sqft – priceQTYAmountTotal
Labor2703600?????? 972,000?? 4,164,300
Bricks1185000?????? 935,000?
Cement5251500?????? 787,500?
Crush (Gracvel)782100?????? 163,800?
Sand120009?????? 108,000?
Steel1185500?????? 649,000?
Electric Pipes??????????? 75,000?
Electric Labor??????????? 35,000?
Plumbing Pipes???????? 155,000?
Plumbing Labor??????????? 80,000?
Rori200003????????? 60,000?
Termite202200????????? 44,000?
Mics Items???????? 100,000?
10 Marla house Cost Double Storey House
1.?????? Leaning and marking2.?????? Excavation3.?????? Water Boring4.?????? Termite proofing5.?????? P.C.C6.?????? All Brick Work foundation including boundary wall7.?????? Backfilling with gaso ravi
8.?????? All Brick work Super Structure Including Door & Windows Beam9.?????? Door Frames10.?? R.C.C lentil11.?? Plasters12.?? Safety Grills13.?? Boundary wall Height 6 feet14.?? All PPRC Piping Gas Water Sewerage & Electric Pipes
15.?? Under Ground tank, Septic tank, Over Head Tank16.?? Roof Mud Brick tiles?????

For any inquiry feel free to Contact finishing?items it is all up to you what type of finishing you want to tile or marble for the flooring what type of woodwork do you want aluminum paint job ceiling type gypsum or what type of sanitary things and kitchen work and all that

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